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Your mental health and wellbeing can impact how you feel in all areas of your life, including at school. It matters.

Taking part in My Mind Check at your school gives you the chance to think about and let your school know how you feel. You can get information and support from this website and from your school after a check-in.

Research at Macquarie University has found that schools play an important role in making sure that children have good mental health. Routine check-ins not only normalises mental health conversations at school, but also reduces the burden on students to recognise when they are struggling.

What students need to know

My Mind Check is quick and easy to complete. You’ll see pictures or read and listen to questions on a computer or tablet and select the options that are most like you. You do it in school time with a teacher supervising.


My Mind Check asks questions about how you feel and what you like – at school, at home, about friends and family. Only certain staff at your school see a summary and not your actual responses. They will share this information with the adults who take care of you. It’s your chance to tell them how you have been feeling lately.

Candid portrait of three boys in school playground with arms around each other

Your school may give you the chance to take part because they think your wellbeing matters. If you or the adults who take care of you don’t want you to take part, that’s ok – it’s your choice.

Candid portrait of three boys in school playground with arms around each other

Supporting youth mental health

Get info and support

You can find fact sheets, programs and resources specific to the mental health topics covered during your check-in in the section below. If you want more information on any of these topics, you can also check out and Head to Health.

Feeling overwhelmed, having a hard time and want to talk to someone now? Visit Need support now.

Prefer to connect online? Here are some free and confidential online mental health chat services for young people in Australia:

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My Mind Check has applied stringent guidelines when selecting programs and resources, and sourced fact sheets from reputable Australian government supported organisations.
We have carefully selected resources to enhance your access to support and information.


FAQs for students

Looking for more information?

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?
Learn more about us on the
About page or read more of our FAQs. You may also like to talk to your school.

My Mind Check is voluntary for schools and students. You have the option to decline to participate in a check-in. You can also respond “I don’t want to answer” to any of the questions in the check-in or you can choose to not complete it once you have started.

My Mind Check is simple and easy to use. A check-in usually takes around 15-20 minutes.

My Mind Check is an opportunity for you to think about your wellbeing and get more information and support if you need it. It’s always your choice to participate.

At the beginning of your check-in, your teacher will explain and help you to access My Mind Check and guide you through this process. The questions are multiple choice and ask you questions about your mental health and wellbeing. There’s audio to read each question and response too if that helps.

After your check-in, certain school staff will share a summary to you (if you’re 15 years and older) and/or your caregiver if you have described some difficulties in a particular domain. They’ll also share useful information and support options for you to consider.