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Caregivers and students are overwhelmingly positive about the experience of mental health check-ins at school.

Our research has found that schools should be conducting mental health and wellbeing checks.

  • 94% of caregivers believed that schools have an important role in making sure that children have good mental health.
  • 93.4% of caregivers indicated that they would support routine screening of their child’s mental health.

What caregivers need to know

My Mind Check is a non-diagnostic, simple and easy to complete check-in that includes mental health risk factors and protective factors. Participation is voluntary for schools and students and is an opportunity to better understand how they are feeling about their mental health and wellbeing.


My Mind Check is part of the Australian government’s ‘Plan to Help our School kids Bounce Back’ and is free to Australian schools. It meets Commonwealth standards of cyber security and privacy and is supported by an independent security evaluation.

Candid portrait of three boys in school playground with arms around each other

Previous research by Macquarie University involving over 14,000 school students in New South Wales, found students who participated in routine check-ins reported significantly lower levels of anxiety and depression, and spent fewer days absent from school compared to their peers who did not take part.

Candid portrait of three boys in school playground with arms around each other
Routine mental health check-ins within a school environment provides a way for students to regularly self-reflect and report on their mental wellbeing, assisting students to become more attuned to changes in their mental health.
Young School Boy with backpack before going to school

Supporting youth mental health

Get information and support for your child

You can find fact sheets, programs and resources to support your child’s specific mental health concerns below. If you would like more information, you can also visit and Head to Health.

A number of free and confidential phone and online mental health support services are also available for young Australians. Visit Need support now.

Young aboriginal student talking to her tutor outdoors in the sun in Australia.


My Mind Check has applied stringent guidelines when selecting programs and resources, and sourced fact sheets from reputable Australian government supported organisations.   We have carefully selected resources to enhance support and information access for you and your child.

FAQs for caregivers

Looking for more information?

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Learn more about us on the About page or read more of our FAQs.
You may also like to talk to your child’s school about how My Mind Check is supporting your school.

My Mind Check participation is voluntary for schools and students. Schools will be responsible for consent protocols in accordance with their standard practices and local rules and regulations. You and your child can decline to participate without any negative consequences. Your child can also respond “I don’t want to answer” to any question within the check-in.

Following a check-in, My Mind Check automatically scores a student’s responses and compares their outcomes against Australian student norms. Your nominated school staff member (known as School Champions) will be able to review these outcomes. Each student will be indicated as either: coping (green), vulnerable (amber) or struggling (red).

Safeguarding student privacy and data has been a key consideration in the development of My Mind Check.  Only nominated school staff members will be able to access Student outcomes within the portal. Privacy considerations and clear guidelines will be provided to schools regarding the nature and sensitivity of the information collected by My Mind Check.  Information obtained will be stored in a secure Australian-based server in accordance with stringent Australian government and industry security standards.

The My Mind Check Privacy Collection Notice can be viewed here.

My Mind Check is not a diagnostic tool. Instead, the check-in provides a point-in-time snapshot of how a young person is feeling about their mental health and wellbeing on the day of the check-in. A comprehensive assessment with a mental health professional is beneficial when a student is experiencing persistent mental health concerns.