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About My Mind Check

My Mind Check is for Australian schools, across all sectors. The check-in is available for all year groups from Foundation to Year 12.

My Mind Check and the Australian Government Department of Education are working collaboratively with the government and non-government education sector to determine an approach for how or when My Mind check might be offered to their schools.

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Most school-based wellbeing tools cost schools money and rarely measure both mental health and wellbeing. They typically don’t include all year levels.

My Mind Check is free, measures mental health and wellbeing for students from all compulsory year levels and it provides individual student summary information (with follow up guidelines) on both mental health and wellbeing.

My Mind Check is funded by Australian Government Department of Education and operated by Macquarie University. Dr Lauren McLellan, Director of My Mind Check and Scientific Advisor Professor Ron Rapee lead a dedicated team based predominantly in Sydney as well as interstate. The My Mind Check team are passionate about wellbeing and education and excited to support schools through this wonderful initiative.

After a check-in, nominated school staff (School Principals and nominated School Champions) can immediately view outcomes on a whole school level, year level and individual student level.

Schools are able to communicate individual student outcomes to caregiver(s) and students and use whole school and year level outcomes to inform their school-based mental health and wellbeing initiatives.

Individual student outcomes are only accessible to the school.

Participating in My Mind Check gives students a voice, an opportunity to reflect, and get information and support for their wellbeing.

The check-in provides a means for students to regularly self-reflect and report on their mental wellbeing. It assists students to become more attuned to changes in their mental health and actively instigate earlier support systems.

The My Mind Check is a moment-in-time snapshot of how a student is feeling about their wellbeing.

Students can self-report on age-appropriate indicators of mental health and protective factors.

The check-in is not a diagnostic assessment or a formal testing tool.

See the About page for more information on our product selection.

Overall outcomes are only available to specific school staff. Specific student responses to each question are never visible to any school staff or the My Mind Check team.

De-identified data from all schools’ outcomes will be used for quality assurance purposes, ensuring continual improvement and refinement of the tool and to support research into the mental health of young people in Australia. Data collected for these purposes employs strict anonymisation protocols and cannot be connected back to an individual student.

Safeguarding student privacy and data has been a key consideration in the development of the tool. Once a student’s outcomes have been generated, the link between their answers to check-in questions and their identifying information will be severed. At no point can the specific answers provided by the student be extracted and seen by anyone, including the school and My Mind Check.

Only nominated school staff members can access whole school, Year level and individual student summary reports within the portal. Privacy considerations and clear guidelines will be provided to schools regarding the nature and sensitivity of the information collected by the tool.

Information obtained is stored in a secure Australian-based server in accordance with stringent Australian government and industry security standards. View the Privacy collection notice.