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Your responses on My Mind Check can tell us if you are expressing concerns about difficulties with peer relationships at the time of your check-in.

Things to know

  • Friendships and peer interactions can be a normal, and sometimes challenging, part of growing up.  
  • Learning how to deal with these situations can take time and you might need advice and support.
  • Typical, occasional friendship or peer difficulties, while unpleasant, tend to resolve reasonably quickly.
  • Compared with typical peer relationship difficulties, peer victimisation is defined as targeted (that is, another person is deliberately choosing you).
  • Peer victimisation means that you are targeted repeatedly through verbally or physically aggressive behaviour (or both), social isolation and exclusion.  
How peer victimisation can affect you

Incidents of peer victimisation may significantly affect your: 

  • emotional wellbeing  
  • ability to be with your friends and family 
  • willingness to participate in co-curricular activities 
  • ability to learn. 
Candid portrait of three boys in school playground with arms around each other

Fact sheets


Information on bullying and types of bullying. Helpful strategies to manage bullying and what you can do
12-25 years

Understanding bullying

What is a bully, what are the effects of bullying and what you can do about it
13-19 years

eSafety for young people

Useful information to help you stay safe online
11-25 years

eSafety for kids

Useful information to help children stay safe online
6-10 years

Service finders

If you are seeking support for concerns relating to peer victimisation, use these service finders to explore what services may be appropriate for you.

Head to Health

Provides resources to help you understand and manage what you’re feeling and connect you to mental health support


Find a headspace centre for you. Headspace centres are located throughout Australia and are staffed with people who are trained and ready to help

Headspace Regional Phone Counselling Service

Provides support to students living in areas with less accessibility to mental health services by providing digital mental health support via credentialled clinicians during school hours

Find a GP (General Practitioner)

Find a GP suitable for your needs, with options to search for bulk billing practices, opening hours, access needs, and location

Find a Psychologist

Find a psychologist suitable for your needs, with options to search by issue and location. You may wish to see a GP prior to making an appointment with a psychologist, to gain a referral or Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)

Report online harm to eSafety

eSafety can help you deal with online issues such as cyberbullying and image-based abuse (sharing, or threatening to share, intimate images without the consent of the person shown), as well as guiding you through the steps for reporting this behaviour