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My Mind Check

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My Mind Check is a free, voluntary and evidence-based digital mental health and wellbeing check-in for school students. ​​It allows schools to take a proactive approach to hear from students on how they are doing.

It provides schools with mental health and wellbeing information that they can use or share in line with existing policies, processes and systems.

The tool is evidence-based and is built on research by Macquarie University and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, as part of their commitment to help our kids bounce back, post-Covid.

See the About page for more information on the evidence supporting My Mind Check.


My Mind Check is for Australian schools, across all sectors. The check-in is available for all year groups from Foundation to Year 12.

My Mind Check and the Australian Government Department of Education are working collaboratively with the government and non-government education sector to determine an approach for how or when My Mind check might be offered to their schools.

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The School Principal first registers their school. Schools then determine whether they will conduct check-ins for the whole school (recommended) or for specific year levels. Check-ins are then carried out during school hours with students answering a series of age-appropriate questions reflecting their current mental health and wellbeing.  

Following a check-in, nominated school staff members (known as School Champions) review School Dashboards and Student Dashboards within the My Mind Check portal. For students experiencing difficulties, the tool provides follow-up guidance to assist the school in their support of the student.